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February 2019
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Feb 2016

1 corinthians 3 verse 1-7 Planting could be seen from the sight of a farmer, digging and putting the seed in the ground, looking at it critically, it is not only plants that are buried; if someone dies it’s the same process. Being planted could either be positive or negative depending on the position we find ourselves. Every time we go to a dark place spiritually it’s like being planted, when you plant a crop the crop doesn’t see the light at that moment, it will be dark and stuffy, and that......

Feb 2016

2nd Samuel 5 verse 17-25 So many times we say we trust God but we it doesn’t show in our actions. One of the passages we all have in mind is psalm 109 verse 115, meaning that we rely on the word of God as direction. Most times we require the lord to lead us, wise Christians pray before stepping out of their house. Just like a G.P.S. it doesn’t give you jokes when you require for direction. When we keep God as our G.P.S. we are lead correctly just like the......

Jan 2016

When you take something as you are collecting it could be what have been lost or what rightfully belongs to you that you are taking. Territories are some part of land or area that you have power or control over. There are territorial powers that are good, for example the principal of a school is the principality of that school. In Genesis God has told us to be fruitful, and have dominion, we should be in control of our surrounding. There are territorial powers in the spiritual real. How do we take......

Jan 2016

WHAT’S THE DIEFFERENCE BETWEEN GIFT TALENT AND SKILLS? TOLU C: there is a thin dividing line between these three, you are born with a gift, you don’t have to learn it or study for it, it is natural. Using myself as an example as a kid music was natural to me because my dad all the musical instruments at home. A talent is something that attracts you to it, there is a thin line between talent and gift, and skills are acquired. Now music was natural with me but I had to......

Jan 2016
The New Wine

When we talk about wine it is not the wine of the world that they drink and get drunk, it can be related to what happened to the disciples on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts, that they spoke in various tongues and people at first thought they were mad. The new wine is a fresh flow of the anointing of God that prepares us for the journey ahead. When you are filled with the new wine of God, you have the grace of speed to get things done......

Jan 2016
Bringing Prophesies to Pass

The testimony of today is the testimony of Jesus. Some of us has heard prophecies and seen it come to pass, to some, it is as if the prophecies for them do no not come to pass, but I pray that from this month on you will see your prophecies come to pass in Jesus name. Some of us, our name are prophecies concerning our lives and the prophecies come to pass, but sometimes people are given names that doesn’t express the will of God for their lives and that is why......

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