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February 2019
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May 2016

worship is what brings the presence of God down but obedience is what sustains it. As we are in the Month of Grace, if we can obey in worship, the presence of God will abide with us in a great way. In the beginning we were originally created to have fellowship with God but the sin of Adam and Eve broke that relationship and Jesus came to restore us back to Him (GOD). Through Jesus Christ we are redeemed and called children of God. As His children, we are supposed to be......

May 2016

Today, we have people living double lives. People with multiple personalities. Who wear a certain attitude at work because of expectations and a different attitude at home expressed through temperaments. Your temperament or personality is a combination of your mental, physical and emotional traits. You can call it natural disposition. While temperament is in born, character is based on your surroundings, knowledge, experience and upbringing. Our temperament is 50 percent genetics and 50 percent developed from our environment influence during formative years. Character is expressed through temperaments. You can express a bad......

May 2016
what jesus are you carrying inside of you

We all know what John 3 verse 16 says, what does Jesus represent to you? Where is Jesus? To a lot of us we will say Jesus is everywhere, but forget the fact that once you have received Jesus as your lord and Saviour Jesus resides in you. That’s why when we are asked anywhere who we are we respond by saying we are sons and daughters of God and we boast about it because we believe it. We should note that we do not carry Jesus in us just for a......

Apr 2016
rat race

RAT RACE Rat race is an endless pursuit of life.  Its like the lab rats racing through a maze to get to the cheese.  Today we have a life style,  wear an expensive suit we cant really afford, wakeup at 5am to get to the job we don’t like in pursuit for money, the money in return is for buying clothes,  cars, and other bills. What is ambition Ambition is something you have purposed in your heart to achieve. Is ambition a godly pursuit Ambition is not bad but it depends on......

Apr 2016
what is the essence of easter

WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF EASTER? Mark 16 verse 1-7 What does Easter mean to you? Its been over 2000 years that Easter is being celebrated, even none believers also celebrate Easter,  but it doesn’t have any special meaning to them. Easter means different things to different people,  some call it a day for sobber reflection where they honor the death and resurrection which was the heavy price Jesus paid. To some they see it as a day of transformation,   some are taken back to the word he mentioned ” it......

Mar 2016

BAGAGGES Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in an attitude regarding an offence, letting go of negative emotions, such as vengefulness with an increased ability to wish the offender well. The first step to understanding forgiveness is what it is and what it is not, the next step is permitting yourself to forgive and forget. Letting go of bitterness while remembering your rights to healthy boundaries. Looking at the topic from the spiritual end, what is the purpose to which God created us? It......

Mar 2016

I caught myself being fake. Have you ever done that? I was in the middle of a conversation and realized I was pretending my life was so much better than it really was. Sure, there are a lot of great things going for me these days, but I was portraying that my life was near perfect. That is far from the truth. Sometimes we dress our stories up the way we dress ourselves. Jeans that make our legs look longer. Shirts that fit us just right. Makeup that covers our flaws and......

Mar 2016

W hen God was to create the world, God spoke at every time, God spoke something happened and as He spoke things took shape. Looking at the herbalist before giving a charm, he says some things, words are spoken no matter what language it is words are spoken and there is power in the word, that is why you are told to be quiet when you are angry so you don’t say things you will regret later. Speaking a thing is more powerful that having to carry it, that is why when......

Feb 2016

The king sent for Joseph and his life had a turn around. Genesis 40 verse 14. Esther 2 verse 13. The king needed to replace his wife and Esther was the chosen queen. Daniel 1, the king requested for a group of individuals who were prepared accordingly and they were sent for. In Esther 6, the king could not sleep, he sent that the book of remembrance be brought to him and after opening it, he saw a case pending and sent for Mordecai. Every time the king sends for someone all......

Feb 2016

WHAT IS LOVE Jesus is love and we should emulate him. The dictionary defines love as a strong passion for someone or something, the whole essence of love is summarized in 1st Corinthians 13; love is pure and selfless, this generation of love we are into just what we have to gain, but love in one word is sacrifice. IS LOVE ATTAINABLE When you hear what love says in Corinthians you ask where is the joy. But if you are selflessly in love you will selflessly make your partner happy and that’s......

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