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February 2019
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Aug 2016

RUTH CHAPTER 3 VERSE 1-5 The story about Ruth is very interesting and the translation can be taken through Naomi. The two sons of Naomi cannot be as old as their father but they died in the same land, why? When people die we like to blame it on people or something, also if exams are not passed the blame is given to the lecturer. As human I cannot say it is wrong or right because in Genesis chapter 3 Adam blamed the woman for his mistake and Eve blamed the serpent,......

Aug 2016
my testimony

TESTIMONY SUNDAY Pastor Kayode: I had a varicose vein in my leg and one of them busted, as simple as I took it doctors alarmed me saying they will admit me because it is life threatening. On Thursday I went for the surgery and they were playing a Christian song and everyone was singing, that was a sign for me that God is with me, even when I was feeling weak I didn’t feel scared because I knew God was in charge. On Friday and Saturday I could not feel my legs,......

Jul 2016

Luke chapter 1 verse 14 – 18 PRINCIPLE OF SELECTION Why are you in church today? A lot of people have reasons to go to church. Some people go because it’s just Sunday, because they know they are Christians, some go because they will like to see cute faces, some go because they won’t like to be left alone at home or at the hostel, some go there because they like the music. I believe the reason why I am here is not because I am the pastor, or I have some......

Jul 2016

Mark 16 God has an expectation from us and it is to strongly live in the supernatural, to live in the supernatural you need the Holy Spirit and to have the Holy Spirit you need to know Jesus. When the Holy Spirit takes over your life, he will reveal Jesus to you and with the Holy Spirit it is easier for you to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is given to us to baptize us. When you are baptized with the Holy Spirit you will have boldness, boldness......

Jul 2016
meet jill

MEET JILL : WORK LIFE BALANCE When it comes to picking a profession it has to do with God. What God wants for you might be different from what you want and most times it is not what we like. When God tells us to not work He has his reasons, though we might not know because we cannot see what He is seeing. Even though we have good reasons for wanting to work there are always reason God will tell us to not work. As married women it is our Job......

Jul 2016

Genesis chapter 37 verse 3 – 11. God gives you position for a particular mission, as man our look and observation is always on the position which makes us miss the mission. PRINCIPLES Understanding your mission: looking at the story of Joseph who had a dream and was hated because of the dream, sold into slavery, worked for Potiphar, was sent to prison and then to the palace. Most of us want to be like Joseph but we forget about the following of the process. If you abort the process you miss......

Jun 2016

Nigerian breweries recorded sales of almost three hundred billion in 2015 while Guinness made almost two hundred and seventeen billion naira that’s about three billion bottles of beer. If you distribute this amount of beer across one hundred and seven billion people, which is about twenty bottles to one person, two hundred bottles to one person in a year. Now in this part of the country our major religion is Christianity and Muslim and both religion frowns at alcohol, so WHO DRANK IT? There are three things you need to do on......

Jun 2016

here are so many things that have happened to people that has made them try all sort of things. Things that even you have tried. People have gone in certain businesses following another person’s steps but still not getting same results. Then they wonder, “I did all what this other person did and yet it’s not working”. In Nigeria today, we talk about Olajumoke the bread seller. Now there are many bread sellers who also dress very well all because they feel since it worked for someone else it will work for......

Jun 2016

Thinking about my teenage years I was raised in a polygamous home, had to do a whole lot because my mum was not around to do it for me, getting into the college of education and getting involved with all kind of friends. 25th September 2005 was when I met Jesus, just kept wondering where I would have been if not for the grace of Jesus, some of my friends then are dead, some have HIV, and all sorts. Sometimes when they see my husband and I on the television, or hear......

May 2016
yes, please air your dirty laundry

caught myself being fake. Have you ever done that? I was in the middle of a conversation and realized I was pretending my life was so much better than it really was. Sure, there are a lot of great things going for me these days, but I was portraying that my life was near perfect. That is far from the truth. Sometimes we dress our stories up the way we dress ourselves. Jeans that make our legs look longer. Shirts that fit us just right. Makeup that covers our flaws and make......

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