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December 2019
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Jul 2017
Will You Marry You with Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Most people have a checklist of what they want in their man or woman and there is nothing wrong with that because many times we have expectations. Expectations are projections of an ideal but the challenge is that many of us want to have our ideal at the beginning instead of having the ideal at the end. We have two types of mindset, the fixed and the growing mindset. A fixed mindset is stuck on a picture but not ready to change while a growing mindset has a picture but is willing......

Jul 2017
May I Introduce You to the Holy Spirit?

Sermon: May I Introduce You to the Holy Spirit? by David Jenkins Sermon series: Living Beyond Yourself May I Introduce You to the Holy Spirit? Breaking the Chains of Sin I’m All Over It Solomon’s Divine Wisdom God Is For Us! Scriptures: Genesis 1:2; 1 Corinthians 2:10-11; Psalms 139:7-10 Introduction Pretend that you have been asked to introduce a very special guest to a group of people. Though you have heard of this guest for a long time, you suddenly realize that you really don’t know very much about him. You know about......

Nov 2016
No Rules With Polka Dots 

Style is a way to say who you are                                without having to speak                                               –Rachel Zoe Hi guys, I’m Teju. Well, a lot of people know me as Kharyna 😆.  I love fashion just as much as anything and yes! I really love to talk to about it. I have an undying love for polka dots,......

Nov 2016
The Rhythm Of Love

WHAT IS LOVE Jesus is love and we should emulate him. The dictionary defines love as a strong passion for someone or something, the whole essence of love is summarized in 1st Corinthians 13; love is pure and selfless, this generation of love we are into just what we have to gain, but love in one word is sacrifice. IS LOVE ATTAINABLE When you hear what love says in Corinthians you ask where is the joy. But if you are selflessly in love you will selflessly make your partner happy and that’s......

Oct 2016

Expression Sunday Bulletin Transcript: MY PLAYLIST. Sunday 16th October, 2016 Music has a strong effect on us. It is one of the most effective tools used to control emotions, as it gives direct access to the soul. Discussion between Gbenga Adenuga and Kenny Kore on the topic “MY PLAYLIST”. MODERATOR; Please can you give us a five minute opener on what you think music is? Kenny Kore: Music is sound, words and generally a representation of the culture of a person/people. Music is spiritual, because God being a spirit loves music (they......

Oct 2016

Every time the king comes to an atmosphere, as much as he heals and gives blessings he also teaches and opens our ears to hear. Those that the word falls into their heart, it grows in thirty, sixty, and hundred folds. Ten means the number of double grace because five means grace. A lot of believers do not understand the gravity of the word grace even when it is being mentioned in prayers. Grace is the love and mercy given to us by God because he desires us to have it, not......

Oct 2016

GENESIS 12:1-4 Everything goes back to the redemption plan of God for us, this started from Abraham experiencing grace; unmerited favour. Most times we have different perspective towards receiving blessings from God, God doesn’t need to get anything from you to bless you, besides in John 3:16 God loved the world so much He gave his son that through Him all men should be saved, also Romance 8:32 explains that just to deliver us he didn’t spare his own son meaning God can give anything. God doesn’t reason the way men do,......

Sep 2016

God is sovereign which means He has the power to do all things, hence He writes the script for human beings who are created in His own image and though He writes the acts but he does not use compulsion to get the scripts acted out. Looking at the story of Judas Iscariot in the bible, as it was written that Jesus Christ will be betrayed, and God being God wrote the script, and Judas betrayed Jesus. There are things we do not have power over; the places we are born or......

Sep 2016

Many times we ask ourselves whether God can do all things and how far God can go. Are you sure about what you are saying to people , if God has not gone all the way for you then you cannot share except you have a proof. Most times we share things to people telling them we know exactly what they are going through or how they feel, but its until you have experienced what they are going through before you know how they truly feel. Like a young boy who trust......

Sep 2016

It is evident that a lot of things can go wrong but what is your response as a believer. Romans 8:19 for the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God (kjv), therefore you describe yourself as a child of God but when you join the world to complain about the situations around you then you are not manifesting as a child of God, hence you don’t have an understanding of what Christianity is all about. Christianity is all about faith, the scripture says For God......