Will You Marry You with Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Will You Marry You with Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo

Most people have a checklist of what they want in their man or woman and there is nothing wrong with that because many times we have expectations. Expectations are projections of an ideal but the challenge is that many of us want to have our ideal at the beginning instead of having the ideal at the end. We have two types of mindset, the fixed and the growing mindset. A fixed mindset is stuck on a picture but not ready to change while a growing mindset has a picture but is willing to grow personally and help the person grow into the picture. Similarly in marriage, whoever you are going to get married to is not going to be at the peak of their potential and it’s your responsibility to begin to groom, nurture, guard, safeguard, and help the person become everything that God wants him/her to be.

Violence in Relationships

One very common thing in relationships and marriages is violence.  If a guy is beating you in a relationship just know that you are rehearsing for oppression in marriage. In a relationship, marriage or business you need knowledge and discernment because you can’t know everything about everybody. You don’t need to know everything about everybody because there has to be a dimension of trust and that’s where trust comes in, faith works by love. Paul says you need knowledge and discernment because maturity is the ability to have enough knowledge and still discern that all you know isn’t all you need to know.

How Do You Look At the Patterns?

Don’t look at the patterns in how they relate or deal with you but how they interface with people  and people that cannot do them good.

Managing habits and Breaking habits?

Habits are part of Gods wisdom to help you systemize your success. One of the ways to change an habit  is to have a stronger ideal that pulls you. Two things motivate you, the power of push (desperation) and the power of full (inspiration). You can change an habit by concentrating on a vision that pulls you out of that habit.

Finance in relationships

Gifts always change your emotional state. Committing yourself in a relationship is to give something that will cost you something. The more you give, the more you grow.

In conclusion God gave us our personality based on our purpose. You don’t need to have a degree but a decree of spiritual intelligence. There is no perfect man because marriage is about a union of two lives. If you are in a committed relationship, the first thing a man wants to do is model unconditional love. Most women are willing to change once they see a man that is worth changing for.





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