Luke chapter 1 verse 14 – 18
Why are you in church today?
A lot of people have reasons to go to church. Some people go because it’s just Sunday, because they know they are Christians, some go because they will like to see cute faces, some go because they won’t like to be left alone at home or at the hostel, some go there because they like the music.
I believe the reason why I am here is not because I am the pastor, or I have some people in church I will like to see, I am here to fill the emptiness in me. I is wrong to come to church without an expectation, it’s like being given a car to drive on the free road and still doesn’t know what to do.
When you come to church without an expectation it means you don’t know how to receive gift from God, because it the presence of God you connect more and there your gifts lay. Receiving from God has to do with your relationship with God and it’s in the presence of God you build a better and stronger relationship.
These days we have made money equal to our lives to the extent that we can’t survive without it and its n not supposed to be so, if we believe God is our provider we should not neglect him in search for money, because he can make provisions of our needs even without the use of money. We should remember that will are all alive today because of the favour and grace of God.
We should turn back to God and always come to church with expectations only then can we receive from God and be closer to Him.


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