The story about Ruth is very interesting and the translation can be taken through Naomi.
The two sons of Naomi cannot be as old as their father but they died in the same land, why?
When people die we like to blame it on people or something, also if exams are not passed the blame is given to the lecturer. As human I cannot say it is wrong or right because in Genesis chapter 3 Adam blamed the woman for his mistake and Eve blamed the serpent, we all have the nature to blame anything that happens on something. God allow things happen without or with your knowledge. We all ask ourselves WHY ME? Do you ever think about God allowing some things happen in your life for His glory?
Naomi has to move because of the farming in the land and for a while things were good, not until her husband and sons died and she decided to leave that town.
When people try to leave you, let them leave you, some people are meant to start with you, some are meant to grow a little with you, and some are meant to just meet you at the far end, some people refuse to move on and in that case drag the other person along not knowing that the person they are dragging behind can make them stagnant, Some people who confess love for you can leave you it is because when they get to the point where they have finished their work in your life they have to leave, it is not a sin they are not just tied to your destiny.
Ruth is not just loyal God allowed the farming so that Naomi will leave where she was to go to the land where Ruth is, Ruth is part of Naomi’s destiny, and the tribe was not complete without Ruth.
1 john 2 verse 19 Every person in life has been given a purpose by God. You can’t force some people to stay, when people come to your life it is divine and when they leave it is divine.

There is a Ruth that must be part of you to make your journey complete, Ruth can represent, joy, prosperity, wisdom and so on, Just as Jonah was in the plan of God when he was sent to Nineveh, he ran into the plan of God that was why he went to the boat to hide and there was a fish waiting for him.


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