God is sovereign which means He has the power to do all things, hence He writes the script for human beings who are created in His own image and though He writes the acts but he does not use compulsion to get the scripts acted out.
Looking at the story of Judas Iscariot in the bible, as it was written that Jesus Christ will be betrayed, and God being God wrote the script, and Judas betrayed Jesus. There are things we do not have power over; the places we are born or the family we are born into. So when a decree is made from God it must happen, God does whatever He wants however He wants it.
Now God can alter His script for the sake of man, like the story of Hezekiah who was told he would die, Hezekiah spoke with God and the prophet was sent back to tell him he will live long. However, because there is free will human beings will do what they want, it does not have to be right all the time. God does not rule the world with a remote control he has given Humans the will to choose the things they want. Furthermore, God allows some things to happen like in the story of Job; He permits it for His own reason. God allows human beings to function within their free will just like the way salvation is done, you get to choose to repent and ask Jesus to be your lord and saviour. (John 1:9) Salvation is an act of God which can be seen as a rescue mission, If you are not saved by Jesus you do not have salvation. You can have remorse but it is not repentance, only repentance leads to salvation. It was never recorded that Adam asked for forgiveness instead he blamed God for giving him a woman, unlike David who was quick to ask for forgiveness.
You must understand firstly, that human beings should be responsible for their actions, and
Secondly, human beings should be accountable and there will be consequences. Ephesians 2:10 talks about us being pre- ordained unto good works and to experience that we must be believers.

God foreknows the action of men before they happen, God also uses these wicked men to accomplish his will, and it doesn’t mean that He forces anyone to do something they did not want to do from the start. We can say God hardened Pharaoh’s heart in the book of Exodus 9:12, but pharaoh’s heart was hardened long before then. Actually a better interpretation will be that God strengthened pharaoh’s heart to do precisely what he had in mind to do. In other words, Pharaoh was just a tool; He had to go through all that to fulfil God’s purposes.
As believers, God has given us the power to choose our path despite the script He has written for us.


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