Many times we ask ourselves whether God can do all things and how far God can go. Are you sure about what you are saying to people , if God has not gone all the way for you then you cannot share except you have a proof. Most times we share things to people telling them we know exactly what they are going through or how they feel, but its until you have experienced what they are going through before you know how they truly feel.
Like a young boy who trust in his father’s ability to pay his bills, do we trust in God completely just like Abraham who fully trusted God to make him a father of all nations despite his age. Being able and having the will or ability to do something are two different things. God has the ability to make Abraham the father of many Nations and Abraham had just the will.
Therefore when we say God can do something it is because we know he has the ability, it is better to trust in God and not men. Men do not give jobs God does but, you need to believe completely in him just like Abraham.
Some people are too big to ask God for things as common as house rent or school fees forgetting that God has created all things for his pleasure, making us much more important than plants and birds. We frustrate God by seeking help from his creation (man).
If you have seen God do the impossible then you can preach it because you have experienced it.
God needs to be the focus in your life we should not only shout Jesus! When we are experiencing anxiety or fear rather, we should always call on him even in our daily needs. God is more real than the way we think.


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